DUT Admission Requirements For Matured Entry 2022-2023

By | May 23, 2022

Durban University of Technology DUT Admission Requirements For Matured Entry 2022

DUT Admission Requirements For Matured Entry 2022 – See Details Below:


1. For admission to entry-level DEGREE studies:

A person may, subject to such requirements as the Senate may determine, be admitted if such a person is in possession of a National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate or an equivalent certificate, but lacks the minimum requirements for admission to the degree provided that:

(a)The person shall have reached the age of 23 in the first year of registration and shall have at least:

three years’ appropriate work experience; and/or

capacity for the proposed instructional program, which shall be assessed by a Senate-approved admission assessment comprising of a DUT Standardized Assessment Test for Access and Placement (SATAP), Academic Literacies (AL) & English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (2,5 hours), and/or an appropriate subject or program-specific written assessment designed and marked by the relevant Department; and the person has obtained

(b)A conditional certificate of exemption from the Matriculation Board (when in possession of the Senior Certificate (SC)); OR has met

(c)The requirements for Senate discretionary admission (when in possession of the NSC or equivalent), where Senate is satisfied the applicant has shown sufficient academic ability to ensure success, and that the person’s standard of communication skills, and/or work experience are such that the person, in the opinion of the Senate, should be able to complete the proposed instructional program successfully.

(d)The person’s application for admission in terms of work experience, age and maturity is approved prior to registration.

Applicants intending to gain admission through work experience, age, and maturity must submit their applications at least four months before the commencement of the academic year inclusive of the date of scheduling writing a requisite eligibility assessment.

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