DUT Online Registration Guide 2022 – 2023

By | May 23, 2022

Durban University of Technology DUT Online Registration Guide 2022 – 2023

DUT Online Registration Guide 2022 – 2023 – See Details Below:


As a DUT student, you can do all sorts of things online, like register, check your exam results and see your exam timetable. Registering online is easy – you can access the self-service registration system, called the Student iEnabler, at DUT or from your computer at home or work.

It’s simple:

Enter the student portal link: https://dutstudent.dut.ac.za

Enter your username (your student number preceded by DUT) as follows: DUT\studentnumber

Enter your password (first five digits of your ID number preceded by Dut) as follows: Dutyymmdd

Please note login and passwords are case sensitive.

To access iEnabler from the student portal from the right-hand menu, go to “STUDENT SELF SERVICE (Web Reg, Results, Academic Record, Statements)” and click on “Off-Campus Access” OR “On-Campus Access”.

To see whether you are able to register online, follow these steps:


Click on “REGISTRATION RESTRICTIONS” o Your iEnabler status must-read “ALLOW WEB REGISTRATION”

You must not have any other “STOP REGISTRATION” statuses


Your admission status must-read “ADMITTED FOR WEB REGISTRATION”.

You can also register online on your home or office computer by accessing www.dut.ac.za, then selecting “STUDENTS”, then “STUDENT SELF SERVICE”. Should you experience any difficulties, you will need to register on campus. You can only register online if do not have academic or financial exclusions. If you have academic exclusions or blocks, please contact your Faculty Officer. If you have financial blocks or outstanding fees, please contact the Finance Department.

If you can’t register online, you will still be able to register the traditional way. The online web registration will be the preferred method of registration for ALL faculties within ALL campuses. When you arrive at campus, please look out for signs indicating the venue.

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