Henley Business School Fees 2022/2023

By | March 10, 2022

Henley Business School Fee Structure 2022/2023

Henley Business School Fees 2022/2023; Tuition and other fees for the entire 2022/2023 Academic Years are due and payable prior to registration. Fees and other financial obligations are solely the responsibility of the student. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with sponsors or guardians to ensure prompt and full payment of any fees due for every academic year. The cost of each programme is clearly stated in the admission letter. Fees are payable in full at the beginning of the academic year. All payments by local institutions or individuals shall be made in local Currency.

Rent for on-campus accommodation for the entire year is due and payable at registration. The College shall, however, allow these payments to be split into parts as described below.  Delayed payment is allowable with penalty as described below.  Students should commence attending classes pending finalization of payment in order to meet attendance requirements.

Students or their sponsors shall deposit payments into the following College accounts and present original bank pay-in slips at registration and the College will issue an identity card for the current semester, which will permit them to attend classes or use any of its facilities.


Higher Certificate in Management Practice (HCMP) Entry Requirements Total Fees

  • R59,500.00 

Higher Certificate in Management Practice for entrepreneurs Total Fees

  • R59,500.00 

Advanced Certificate in Management Practice (ACMP) Total Fees

  • R71,120.00

Advanced Diploma in Management Practice (ADMP) Total Fees

  • R79,500.00

Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice (PGDip) Total Fees

  • R88,200.00 

Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice with Africa focus Total Fees

  • R88,200.00 

International MBA Total Fees

  • Total Fee: R316,905.00
  • Stage one and two: R215,895.00
  • Stage three: R101,010.00
Payment Option
Payment Option
Payment Option
Full Upfront Fees Upfront Fees for First Two Stages Upfront Fees for First Stage
2021 Upfront Fees – Valid Until
30 November 2020
R 285 500 – R 11 250 (Upfront fee Discount) =
R 274 250
R 194 500 R 130 500
2021 Fees from
01 December 2020
R 316 905 – R 11250 (Upfront Fee Discount) =
R 305 655
R 215 895 R 144 855
2021 Fees Will Apply
N/A N/A R 75 300
2021 Fees Will Apply
N/A R 101 010 R 101 010

Africa Rising Total Fees

  • R12,500.00

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM) Total Fees

  • R17,135.00 

Future-proof your Healthcare Practice (FPYHP) Total Fees

  • R9 500*

Financing your studies

In our effort to make financing your studies as simple as possible, we will be providing a ‘one-click’ environment for you in due course to apply for a study loan directly to your bank. In the meantime, we invite you to contact briann@henleysa.ac.za in our Finance Department for advice or guidance regarding your payment plan. 

  1. Administrative fee, Quality Assurance fee, Medical fee, and Students’ Government fee should be paid full at the beginning of the academic year.
  2. Tuition fee can be paid fully at the beginning of each academic year or in two instalments at the beginning of each semester.
  3. Tuition fee is non-refundable.
  4. Fee structure is subject to changes without notice.
  5. All Fees must be paid before registration for the semester.
  6. The original copy of the bank deposit slip should be submitted immediately to the Finance office clearly indicating the name of the student, programme and year of study. Late submission will attract penalty.
  7. Do not conduct any transaction via any other form of transaction than College bank accounts indicated in the fee structure.

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