North West University NWU Languages Department

By | April 7, 2022

North West University NWU Languages Department

North West University NWU Languages Department – See Details Below:

South Africa is a multilingual country in which the Constitution and the people celebrate the richness and diversity of languages. In the School of Languages, we offer a range of traditional language courses in which you study the form, function and meaning of each language, together with the literature produced in each of these languages. If reading has always been your passion, then the School of Languages will be the next step on your journey through the wonderful world of books.

Alongside these traditional courses, we offer specialisations that prepare you for a wide range of modern career opportunities in languages and language-related fields – from language technology, editing and translation to spoken language interpreting. With us you can study to become a translator, interpreter or editor, or prepare for a career as a language teacher, writer, journalist or language technologist.

North West University NWU Languages Department Admission Requirements 

  • Afrikaans, English, Setswana and Sesotho: Home Language Level 4 (50–60%) OR First Additional Language Level 5 (60–70%)
  • No entrance requirements for French, German and language acquisition modules in Setswana and Sesotho
  • The qualifications offered explore the rapidly changing field of language and its relevance to society. By studying in the School of Languages you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of language and literature, and will learn about various ways of analysing different kinds of language and texts in context. Depending on your programme and subject choices, you can also gain knowledge and skills regarding language-related practical applications such as language technology, language practice and creative writing.

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