NWU Masters Courses 2022/2023

By | January 18, 2022

North-West University Masters Courses Offered 2022/2023

NWU Masters Courses 2022/2023; See details on NWU Masters Courses 2022/2023

Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management

Masters degrees in

  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Labour Relations


Masters of Education degree in:

  • Education Law
  • Educational Psychology
  • International and Comparative Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Special needs Education
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Movement Education
  • Computer Science Education
  • Educational Management and Leadership
  • Mathematics/Science Education
  • Higher Education Studies (Structured)


Master Of Engineering

  • MEng In Chemical Engineering
  • MEng In Computer And Electronic Engineering
  • MEng In Electrical And Electronic Engineering
  • MEng In Industrial Engineering
  • MEng In Mechanical Engineering
  • MEng In Nuclear Engineering
  • MEng With Development And Management Engineering

Master Of Science In Engineering Sciences

  • MSc (Engineering) With Chemical Engineering
  • MSc (Engineering) With Electrical And Electronic Engineering
  • MSc (Engineering) With Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc In Engineering Sciences With Nuclear Engineering


  • MA in Public Management and Governance
  • MPA
  • MA in Political Studies
  • Master in Development and Management (Political Transformation and Governance)
  • MA (thesis) in Political Science
  • Msoc (course work and mini-dissertation): Political Science
  • MA (thesis): Peace Studies and International Relations
  • MA (thesis): International Relations
  • Msoc (course work and mini-dissertation): International Relations
  • MA in Afrikaans and Dutch
  • MA in Comparative African Languages and Literature (Vaal Triangle Campus)
  • MA in Linguistics and Literary Theory
  • MA in Applied Language Studies
  • MA in English
  • MA in Setswana
  • MPhil in Philosophy
  • MSocSc in Population and Sustainable Development – 911 102 L821M
  • MA in Sociology
  • MA in Industrial Sociology
  • MA in Medical Sociology
  • MA in Social Anthropology
  • M in Development and Management with Social Transformation and Governance
  • MA in History

Health Sciences

  • Master of Science in Dietetics
  • Master of Science in Nutrition
  • Master of Science in Nutrition
  • Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Master of Science in Pharmacology
  • Master of Science in Pharmaceutics
  • Master of Health Sciences in Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Master of Arts in Positive Psychology SAQA 90848
  • Master of Health Sciences in Transdisciplinary Health Promotion SAQA 91930
  • Master of Consumer Sciences
  • Master of Health Sciences in Human Movement Sciences
  • Master of Health Sciences in Recreation Science
  • Master of Nursing Science WITH Nursing Science Community Nursing Science
  • Master of Nursing Science in Psychiatric Community Nursing
  • Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Health Sciences in Counselling Psychology
  • Master of Health Sciences in Research Psychology
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Social Work in Child Protection
  • Master of Social Work in Forensic Practice
  • Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacy Practice WITH Pharmacovigiliance and Pharmacoepidemiology Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy Pharmaceutical public healthcare governance
  • Master of Health Sciences in Occupational Hygiene
  • Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences SAQA 97390
  • Master of Health Sciences in Health Professions Education

Natural and Agricultural Sciences

  • MSc in Agricultural Economics
  • MSc in Agricultural Extension
  • MSc in Animal Health
  • MSc in Animal Sciences
  • MSc in Crop Sciences
  • MSc Computer Science (203155, N861P)
  • MSc Statistics (203156, N862P)
  • MSc Applied Mathematics (203157, N863P)
  • MSc Mathematics (203158, N864P)
  • MSc Risk Management (203127, N865P)
  • MSc Natural Sciences Education (203134, N860P)
  • MSc Computer Science and Information Technology (505138, N870P)
  • Master of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (MIKS)-2 years full time


  • Biblical Perspectives
  • Ecclesiological Perspectives
  • Moral Development of the Society
  • Interdenominational relationships
  • Ecumenical Perspectives
  • Practical-Theological Perspectives
  • Ancient Languages: Semitic Languages, Greek, Latin

Accounting Sciences

  • MCom Management Accountancy (Lectured) 5DJ P01: E802P
  • MCom Management Accountancy (Dissertation) 5CL N01: E801P/V
  • MCom Accountancy (Dissertation) 5CM N01: E801P/V
  • MCom Accountancy (Lecturerd) 5HB P01:E801P/V
  • MCom Taxation (Dissertation) 5CN N01: E801P/V
  • MCom Taxation (Lectured) 5DK P01: E802P
  • MCom Forensic Accountancy 5CP N01: E801P

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