Qualitas Career Academy Courses 2022/2023

By | February 3, 2022

Qualitas Career Academy Courses Offered 2022/2023

Qualitas Career Academy Courses 2022/2023; The courses offered at Qualitas Career Academy allows for a variety of specialisations to cater for both the interests of students and the employment needs of the country. Qualitas Career Academy degree are tailored for you such that, it gives you the educational foundation to enable you to succeed in a rapidly changing environment, whether you want to work locally or internationally, change jobs or even careers.

Qualitas Career Academy courses prepare you for the employment needs of the expanding world of business, health and professional services and equip you to participate in the global economy. courses are offered in the standard form or as academic development programmes tailored for students who may have experienced gaps or disparities in their educational or life experience

Details of all programmes offered are provided below. We recommend that you also visit the websites of faculties and departments in which you may be interested.


Below is the full details of all the courses offered at the Qualitas Career Academy, Bloemfontein:

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