Rhodes University RU Fee Structure 2022/2023

By | January 24, 2022

Rhodes University RU Fee Structure 2022/2023

Rhodes University RU Fee Structure; Check Rhodes University RU Fee Structure 2022/2023

Fees and other financial obligations are solely the responsibility of the student. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with sponsors or guardians to ensure prompt and full payment of any fees due for every academic year. The cost of each programme will be clearly stated in the admission letter. Fees are payable in full at the beginning of the academic year, or in two equal instalments at the beginning of each semester. All payments by local institutions or individuals shall be made in local Currency.

Tuition and other fees for the entire 2022/2023 Academic Years are due and payable prior to registration. Rent for on-campus accommodation for the entire year is due and payable at registration. The University shall, however, allow these payments to be split into parts as described below.  Delayed payment is allowable with penalty as described below.  Students should commence attending classes pending finalization of payment in order to meet attendance requirements.

Students or their sponsors shall deposit payments into the following University accounts and present original bank pay-in slips at registration and the University will issue an identity card for the current semester, which will permit them to attend classes or use any of its facilities.

Private Sponsored Students

Private students, including those being sponsored by employers or other agencies, must pay 50% of annual tuition and 100% of other fees to register for 1st semester and must pay the entire balance to register for 2nd semester.

Student Fees at Rhodes University

The full schedule of all the fees and charges for 2022 is available below:

Credit Card Payment Form 2022
Debit Order Form 2022
Student Fee Payment Arrangement Form 2022

Rhodes University Acknowledgement of Debt for 2022

Payment Arrangement Application form and Declaration from Student/Parent/Guardian

General Information

Fees that you can expect to pay for Application fees, Tuition and Residence Fees and
Rhodes University’s Acceptance fees.

Payment of Fees

Find Rhodes University’s Banking details and the payment methods that you can use
when paying your student fees.

Important Fees Information for New Students

There are important fee requirements for new students from South Africa and for
new international or foreign students.

For International Students/Payments:

Rhodes University has partnered with Flywire to offer a secure and convenient ‘International payment’ facility. Start your payment at www.flywire.com . Detailed payment instructions at www.flywire.com/howto.

Other Fee Considerations

We provide you with information on various fees that can be expected for Additional Courses,
Single Courses, Departmental Charges, Societies Charges and Examination fees.

Contact Student Fees

Contact Rhodes Student Fees should you require further information about our fees.

Tel: +27 46 603 8743
Fax: +27 46 603 7019
e-mail: studentfees@ru.ac.za

Financial Aid

The Undergraduate Financial Aid Offices are situated in Eden Grove

Should you have any queries relating to undergraduate financial aid, please contact our offices:

P. O. Box 94

Tel: (046) 603 8248
Fax: (046) 603 8300

Email: finaid@ru.ac.za
Web: Undergraduate Financial Aid

The Postgraduate Financial Aid Offices are situated in the Main Administration Block in Room 206

Should you have any queries relating to postgraduate financial aid, please contact our offices:

P. O. Box 94

Tel: (046) 603 8755
Fax: (046) 603 8822

Email: pgfunding@ru.ac.za
Web: Postgraduate Financial Aid

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  1. Administrative fee, Quality Assurance fee, medical fee, and Students’ Government fee should be paid full at the beginning of the academic year.
  2. Tuition fee can be paid fully at the beginning of each academic year or in two instalments at the beginning of each semester.
  3. Tuition fee is non-refundable.
  4. Fee structure is subject to changes without notice.
  5. All Fees must be paid before registration for the semester.
  6. The original copy of the bank deposit slip should be submitted immediately to the Finance office clearly indicating the name of the student, programme and year of study. Late submission will attract penalty.

7.Do not conduct any transaction via any other form of transaction than University bank accounts indicated in the fee structure.


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