Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences Department of Physics

By | April 15, 2022

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University SMU Department of Physics

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences SMU Department of Physics – See Details Below:

About the Department:   


To create knowledge of interest and applications in physics, and to educate students to excel in it.


To be unambiguously recognised nationally as the leading Physics Department for its outstanding research and teaching.

Physics a “knowledge of nature”, is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion and behaviour through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force.

Physics is the study of the laws of nature.

Physics principles are at the foundation of all natural and applied sciences



  •  Produce research which has significant international impact, maximising our opportunities and resources.
  • Deliver teaching programmes of exceptional quality, recognising the research themes within the Department.
  • Provide a departmental environment within which both staff and students flourish.

SMU Department of Physics Contact Address

SMU Department of Physics Contact Address – See Details Below:

Physics Contact Details
Name Position Research Interest Teaching
Dr Sithole, ME
Head of the Department
Tel +27 12 521 5753
Fax +2712 521 3095
BSc (ED), BSC Hons, MSc, PhD (UL) Senior Lecturer(HOD) Semiconductor Materials; Radiation Physics Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics; Solid State Physics
Mrs Mhlongo, MR
Tel +27 12 521 3966
Fax +2712 521 3095
BSc, BSC Hons, MSc (UNISA) Lecturer Physics Education
Nano-material Classical Mechanics; Modern Physics; Electrodynamics and Electronics Statistical Mechanics
Mr Moloi, AN
Tel +27 12 521 3975
Fax +2712 521 3095
BSc (ED), B. Ed Hons (UP) Junior Lecturer Physics Education Mechanics; Modern Physics; Electricity and Magnetism
Mr Selepe, LT
Tel +27 12 521 3277
Fax +2712 521 3095
BSc, BSC Hons (UL) Junior Lecturer Semiconductor Materials; Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics; Solid State Physics;
Mr Rambevha, TR
Tel +27 12 521 3192
Fax +2712 521 3095
BSc, BSC Hons (UL) Natural Scientist Nano-material Electricity and Magnetism;
Ms Ratlhagane, CR
Tel +27 12 521 3778
Fax +2712 521 3095
BSc, BSC Hons (UL) Natural Scientist Semiconductor Materials; Mechanics; Modern Physics;
Ms Mphelane, MN
Tel +27 12 521 3611
Fax +2712 521 3095
BSc, BSC Hons (UL) Technical Officer Nano-material Practical coordinator
Ms Leballo, MDR
Tel +27 12 521 5749
Fax +2712 521 3095 Secretary

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