University of Limpopo Examinations 2022 – 2023

By | April 7, 2022

University of Limpopo Examinations 2022 – 2023

University of Limpopo Examinations 2022 – 2023 – See Details Below:

  • Examination Date; this is the anticipated date for your examination if you are a current matriculate or the date that you sat for matriculation examination if you wrote previously (e.g. November 2021 or November 2021).
  • Highest Grade: the highest grade or standard you have passed (e.g. Grade 11 for current matriculate, Grade 12).
  • Examination Number: please provide if it has already been issued.
  • Matriculation Certificate Type: how the matric was obtained (for those who have already passed matric) e.g. matriculation certificate with endorsement or matriculation certificate without endorsement.
  • School Name: The school you obtain your matriculation/grade12 certificate.
  • Examination Department: indicate the province your school is in.
  • Last Examination: The date, month and year that you wrote your last examination.
  • Subject and Results of Last Examination: As indicated on your grade 11 report or grade 12 statement of result.University of Limpopo Examinations

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