University of Limpopo NSFAS Bursary Loan Scheme 2022

By | April 6, 2022

University of Limpopo NSFAS Bursary Loan Scheme 2022-2023

University of Limpopo NSFAS Bursary Loan Scheme 2022-2023 – See Details Below:


The objective of the NSFAS bursary-loan scheme is to offer financial support to full time students (current and prospective) with academic potential.

All prospective and returning students who are RSA citizens, studying full time at undergraduate level and who are financially needy and have the potential to succeed academically are eligible for assistance.

All eligible students must every year collect or request an application form from the Financial Aid Office complete and return it before the closing date.

University of Limpopo NSFAS Bursary Loan Scheme Closing dates:

i.Registered students: Mid October

ii.First year students: Mid-March

13.3.5Who qualifies for NSFAS:

i.South African citizens

ii.A financially needy student

iii.A student who demonstrates potential for academic success

iv.A student registered at a South African university/ technikon, studying for a first tertiary educational qualification

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v.A student studying for a second tertiary qualification if it will enable the student to practice in a chosen profession e.g. HDE

13.3.6Documents which should accompany the application forms:

i.Certified copy of ID document /passport of Student / mother / father /guardian / wife / husband

ii.Original / certified copy of pay- slips / pension slip for both Parents/guardian /spouse (these should not be older than three 3 months)

iii.In the case of deceased parents, attach certified deathCertificates

iv.If parents are divorced, attach a copy of the decree of divorce

v.If parents / guardian / spouse are self-employed, attach a copy of the latest financial statement

vi.If parents are unemployed, attach sworn affidavits accompanied by a report from a social worker, religious leader /traditional leader or Council

vii.An amount for income must be provided on all affidavits

viii.If parents are separated, attach pay-slips of both and an official letter from the social worker or religious leader confirming the separation

ix.Certified copy of previous degree or diploma certificate

x.If you are currently in in-service training, attach pay — slip or provide the University with proof from your employer staling whether your study leave is paid or unpaid

xi.ID copies / birth certificates or letters from school of other family members

xii.Proof of registration for sibling at other tertiary institutions

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