University of Pretoria Faculty of Humanities

By | April 8, 2022

University of Pretoria Faculty of Humanities

University of Pretoria Faculty of Humanities – See Details Below:

The Faculty is one of the oldest in South Africa – we celebrated our centenary in 2019.  As the intellectual home of the liberal arts, the Faculty’s range of courses form the foundation of a quality education at the University of Pretoria.
Our academic curricula, research activities and community engagement initiatives not only address the diverse needs of local communities, but also help shape and drive international endeavours and debates.
We are one of the most comprehensive Humanities Faculties in South Africa with 12 different academic departments, 2 teaching units and a number of specialised research centres and institutes. Together we offer 18 undergraduate and 144 postgraduate programmes / qualifications.
Why a programme in the Humanities?
We offer a variety of disciplines and programmes to equip students for a wide range of professions. These include specialised and more general training programmes to develop high-level critical thinking skills and the capacity to communicate effectively in the world of work.
Students who register for the programmes offered in this Faculty will be able to:
– Equip themselves with discipline-specific knowledge, insight and skills
– Develop analytical skills that are in demand in both the South African and the international labour market
– Acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills
– Conduct research
– Talk and write authoritatively about their chosen field of study

University of Pretoria Faculty of Humanities Departments

University of Pretoria Faculty of Humanities Departments – See Details Below:

  • University of Pretoria African Languages Department
  • University of Pretoria Ancient and Modern Languages and Cultures Department
  • University of Pretoria Anthropology and Archaeology Department
  • University of Pretoria English Department
  • University of Pretoria Historical and Heritage Studies Department
  • University of Pretoria Philosophy Department
  • University of Pretoria Political Sciences Department
  • University of Pretoria Psychology Department
  • University of Pretoria School of the Arts Department
  • University of Pretoria Sociology Department
  • University of Pretoria Social Work and Criminology Department
  • University of Pretoria Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Department

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