University of Pretoria Faculty of Law and Departments

By | April 8, 2022

University of Pretoria Faculty of Law and Departments

University of Pretoria Faculty of Law and Departments – See Details Below:

The Faculty of Law strives to be an internationally recognised leader in socially relevant legal research and education in South Africa and the world. In pursuing its vision, the Faculty’s mission is the creation and sustenance of a research and education environment that is grounded in the values of social justice and excellence. We have the necessary systems in place to ensure that you have the support to help you graduate on time.

The Faculty currently ranks 90th under the top 100 universities globally, as well as best in Africa, and delivered a record number of 35 doctoral degrees and 179 master’s degrees in 2017. It currently employs 70 dedicated full-time academics, of which approximately two-thirds have doctoral degrees in various fields of law, enabling them to prepare our student community for the various law-related career opportunities.

Seen from one perspective, the Faculty of Law consists of staff, students and the building. It is, however, also much more than that: It represents an idea, namely the idea of a society governed by the rule of law and not by individuals. Our Faculty pursues this idea by focusing on the law and on excellence in all divisions of jurisprudence. It is also pursued by focusing on jurists and by preparing our students to become leaders of their communities where they can promote the law and its principles effectively.

University of Pretoria Faculty of Law Departments – See Details Below:

1.University of Pretoria Centre for Human Rights Department

2.University of Pretoria Jurisprudence Department

3.University of Pretoria Mercantile Law Department

4.University of Pretoria Private Law Department

5.University of Pretoria Procedural Law Department

6.University of Pretoria Public Law Department

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