University of the Witwatersrand Postgraduate Requirements

By | April 12, 2022

University of the Witwatersrand Postgraduate Entry Requirements 2022

University of the Witwatersrand Postgraduate Requirements 2022 – See Details Below:


Entry Requirements for Postgraduate Degree

  • Honours: Minimum of 70% pass for a BA, with a major in Media Studies or a related discipline
  • Masters: Minimum of 70% or an equivalent pass for an Honours degree in Media Studies or a related discipline
  • PhD: Minimum of 70% or an equivalent pass for a Masters degree in Media Studies or a related discipline.

Honours Application Announcement

The department of Media Studies invites all currently registered third-year students to consider applying for Honours in Media Studies for 2022.

The Honours programme comprises of two compulsory courses and two optional courses, and an independent research component. Many of our Honours graduates go on to do Masters and PhD degrees in the department or find a competitive advantage in the job market upon completion. Our Honours graduates find work in civil society, journalism, research and production in the media and creative industries, marketing, and political communication. Honours students also get the chance to gain work experience through tutoring.

Academic admission requirements

We are keen to recruit the best academic performers in the Honours group. An average of 65% for the third year is a minimum requirement for consideration to the programme (but those with averages closer to 70% or above will be prioritised). If you have a 65% average for the first part of the academic year, we encourage you to apply. If your grades are currently at or above the required average, you should receive a provisional offer. The provisional offers will be made firm once final grades are in at the end of the year.

Applications should be made online.

Applications are currently open and close on 30 November 2022. We encourage you to apply as early as possible if you are interested in the programme.

If you have any questions about Honours in 2022 or the admissions procedure, please email the Honours Admissions Coordinator, Prof Mehita Iqani ( or pop into her office hours on Wednesdays, 9 am-12 pm.

Postgraduate Admissions Process

Applicants interested in pursuing an MA or PhD with the Media Studies Department should email the postgraduate coordinator Iginio Gagliardone ( to discuss whether supervision is available for the proposed project and what is required for the application process. Applications will not be processed unless a supervisor has been formally assigned through the postgraduate coordinator. All applicants should ensure that they approach the department before applying via the main Wits Student Enrolment Centre.

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