University of Zululand KwaDlangezwa Campus

By | April 22, 2022

University of Zululand KwaDlangezwa Campus

University of Zululand KwaDlangezwa Campus – See Details Below:


The University has a responsibility to maintain a safe and secure environment for all its staff and students.  The events of the 1st March 2018 compelled Management to suspend academic activities and order an immediate evacuation of the campus. This was the best recourse under the circumstances to restore order, eliminate harm and maintain a safe and secure environment. As a further security measure, the University has deactivated the student cards of all students at the KwaDlangezwa Campus.

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The University also recognises that not all students participated nor endorsed the conduct of the striking students. It is suspected that the criminal conduct was propagated by dissenting students, intent on causing irreparable harm to the University.

The University has suffered extensive physical and financial losses, but none more so than the potential loss of an academic semester, by innocent non-striking students. The University is committed to ensuring that the recent unfortunate events do not compromise the 2018 academic programme.

Management has therefore decided that at this juncture, it is in the best interest of students to uplift the suspension of academic activities and permit students to return to the campus and residences, subject to the following conditions:

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  1. Students who wish to return to the University and resume their academic programme must reactivate their student cards;
  2. In reactivating the student card, the student warrants that he/she acknowledges and understands the terms and conditions and agree to strictly comply with the conditions herein;
  3. In reactivating the student card, the student undertakes not to engage in any illegal protest action, unlawful activity or conduct himself/herself in any manner that jeopardises the peace and security on the campus and residence or hinders the academic programme in any way;
  4. Activities on campus shall be restricted to the academic programme only;
  5. Strict security measures shall be applicable at all University facilities.

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Students will not be permitted to enter the campus and/or residence if their student cards are not reactivated. The student shall be compelled to produce his/her student card at the behest of any Protection Services Department Officer or other Staff members.

Students who are subject to criminal proceedings and are barred by the court from entering the University campus and/or the residences are not allowed to return.

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